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The blog author, Celine, with a Chinchilla kitten, in the 1980s

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Say NO To Woodside’s Destructive Project In Australia

The Scarborough gas project is the first stage of Woodside’s Burrup Hub – the most climate-polluting project ever proposed in Australia.

It will impact marine parks and protected areas, which are home to already vulnerable species

The toxic gas that Woodside wants to drill is a dangerous fossil fuel driving climate change. Renewable energy is already powering the country, taking the lead over dirty coal and gas. There’s just no need for gas.

Please head over to the following page of Greenpeace Pacific to watch their excellent video and to get the news.


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350 Borloo Perth is heading a campaign to prevent new gas (as directed by the International Energy Agency), which can lead to increased fires as well as to destroying native rock art and the habitat of our magnificent cetaceans.

If you are in Western Australia or know someone who is, please ask them to read the important information at the page below, and SIGN up to help the campaign!

No Need for Scarborough Gas

Sign up to volunteer with 350 Borloo Perth (if you’re in Western Australia)

Dale the Whale at the Perth Royal Show


To work out your Chinese Year of Birth, click


Happy Kitten

inner peace shifu


Save a Forgotten Equine – Support S.A.F.E.

Palomino_Mare_and_FoalPalomino Mare and Foal 2007 Wikipedia Creative Commons

Since 2005, Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) in Washington, U.S.A. has been rescuing and rehabilitating horses that have been starved, neglected, abused or are unwanted.   S.A.FE. has formal agreements in place with Animal Control agencies in King, Pierce and Skagit counties to support their fight to protect horses in this region.   Please visit their wonderful website and do what you can to help horses.

Save a Forgotten Equine  click HERE



Other must read Posts about S.AF.E.  & Horses are below 

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If you love Horses, please support S.A.F.E.

Help Animals

In memory of Grace

Can a Horse feel Guilt ?

How To Help Animals Affected By War And Climate Change

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you care about wildlife / animals it is probably distressing to you when you find out about the impact of conflicts and climate change, due to human activities, on animals around the world. From entire ecosystems of the Antartic, with changing temperatures, sea ice levels, food availability, and pollution; to bushfires in Australia and elsewhere, and floods in eastern Australia, un-natural climate changes are bad for all living beings.

Did you know that Cheetahs are affected by climate change?

Here are some ways in which you can help.

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2022 Chinese New Year: Year Of The Tiger

Photo by Mike Marrah on Unsplash

Gong Xi Fa Chai” means “wishing you enlarge your wealth.” “Gong Xi” means wishing/blessing . “Fa” means to enlarge, and”Chai” ( or Choi ) means wealth.  

Gong Xi Fa Chai is also used as a greeting for:


Ang Pow red envelopes are traditionally given by adults to children at Chinese New Year, which is also a time for happy family re-unions and much feasting and merriment.

Ang Pow, also known as “red packets”,” “laisee”, “lai see”, “hung bao” or “hong-bao” are considered extremely auspicious to receive as a gift and even more auspicious if they contain money.

The Chinese New Year begins each year on the second new moon after the winter solstice ( which is on 22 December in the Northern Hemisphere).  The Chinese use a lunar calendar as opposed to our own Gregorian calendar.  The Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year.

In 2022 Chinese New Year begins today, 1st February. The new moon in Aquarius is also happening today, on 1st February. This New Moon is giving us the chance for a fresh start, both personally and in the collective sense.

Furthermore today Imbolc starts. Imbolc or Imbolg, also called Saint Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival. It marks the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere. For Christians it is the feast day of Saint Brigid. It is held on 1 February, which is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Imbolc is a time of magical energy related to the feminine aspect of the goddess and to new beginnings.

The “Chinese New Year” website states a Tiger Year is about freedom and independence. Jim Carrey and Leonardo di Caprio were both born in a Year of the Tiger!

People born in years of the Tiger are vigorous and ambitious, daring and courageous, enthusiastic and generous, self-confident with a sense of justice and a commitment to help others for the greater good.

Let’s hope that 2022 ushers in a collective perspective of seeing everything as related. That is, human beings are part of the Earth, not separate, but dependent upon Earth’s resources. We have to all truly care about each other and look after nature, to provide for ourselves.

2022 is a year of the Water Tiger. It starts from February 1st, 2022, and ends on January 21st, 2023. A Water Tiger year occurs every 60 years. The “China Highlights” website states that this Year of the Water Tiger indicates a prosperous year due to the Tiger’s auspicious signs (bravery, resourcefulness and strength).

February 1st, 2022 is a day to look for and embrace potential for a liveable world where all beings are happy and healthy. You may like to say the mantra “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” before you go to sleep and/or when you wake up. Today is the day to think good thoughts and to see the positive and possibilities. And then, every other day, look toward your “neighbour.” Ask what she/he needs and help them. We’re all in this together. Tigers look after their own, and everything that is on Earth is our own.

Happy Year of the Tiger.

My special edition Cadbury favourites tin. Photo provided by Celine Lai

Is the Swan your Animal Ally for 2021?

Enter Carrie Hart’s Enchanted Forest. Pause and when you are ready, click with your mouse.

The Enchanted Forest – click here

My Power Animal for 2021 is “the Swan”. Click on the link below for swan music!

Click here to learn about the Swan

2020 was the wake-up call for every person on Earth.

2021 is the year for collaboration and transforming out-dated un-loving and harmful systems and structures.

Share your 2021 Animal Ally in a Comment here. Let’s start networking and honouring the good.

You may be interested in the following article.

2020 The Year of the Rat

In the animated “Basil the Mouse Detective” Rattigan the Rat got a bad rap, yet “Ratatouille” saw a rat called Rennie as the unlikely hero. While Rats have mostly got out of favor with people, the “Rat” is a symbol of intelligence, hard work and having quick-wit.

The Chinese Horoscope site says that 2020 will be the Year of New Beginnings!

The Year of the Metal Rat 2020 starts on January 25th 2020.


You need to follow your goals with confidence and determination. Relationships and health will be favorable. Seize good luck and opportunities as soon as they come knocking at your door. Believe in yourself.

In conclusion, the Year of the Rat 2020 will bring beneficial situations, opportunities, meetings with special people, luck, and also balance situations, dilemmas, and changes that can push us out of our comfort zone.

In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus.  If you were born in a Year of the Rat you can look up your year in 2020 at the page below.


The “Chinese New Year” website also gives the timeline of Chinese New Year festivities and other interesting information at:


And last but not least, if you’re really interested in Chinese Astrology you may be interested in my research and findings, by starting at the post below!


Your Power Animal for 2020

Carrie Hart has a page where you can click on the animated Gif of the running water, then you take a breath and ask “What is my Power Animal?”


When you’re ready, you click anywhere on the picture, and your Power Animal will appear. Mine is the ELEPHANT.

Info about the elephant at the page below. It’s about Strength, Wisdom & Purpose !!


DisneyNature, Wings of Life: Butterflies, Bees; & Flowers To Fruit

Photo by TR Davis on Unsplash

Flowering plants are a type of plant that produce flowers in order to reproduce. Flowering plants produce seeds within a fruit. The scientific name for flowering plants is angiosperms.

Flowering plants are usually bisexual, with the flower having a male part and a female part.

The stamens in the middle of a flower, surrounded by the green supporting sepals and by the beautiful coloured petals, are the male part of the flower. Each stamen is made up of a filament or thin structure that is tipped at the top by the anther.

Pollen is a fine to coarse powdery substance comprising pollen grains which are male microgametophytes of seed plants, which produce male gametes (sperm cells)

The anther connects to the filament with lobes which holds sacs containing pollen.

The female part of the flower, the pistil, consists of a long slender tube, called the style, with the stigma at the top, which leads down to the rounded base which is the ovule-filled ovary, or carpel.

Flowering plants rely on wind or winged and other creatures for pollination, i.e. for carrying pollen from the anthers to the stigma of a flower. Having both male and female parts within the same flower makes it handy for a plant — an insect, bird, or moth can easily pick up and deposit pollen on the same flower or a different flower of the same plant, in the same visit.

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