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Good Books on Animals

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I thought I would list the books I have, about Animals! I have just acquired a companion book to one of my very favourites, being “Strongheart Story of a Wonder Dog”. The companion book is J. Allen Boone’s 1959 edition of “Letters to Strongheart”.   I have just ordered the 1959 Letters to Strongheart and it is on its way to me as I write this.  You can read about the book “Strongheart – Story of a Wonder Dog” at this post   here.

I love reading and writing.  All of my many books are cherished by me, because I am a “bookworm”.  I am also a “read-worm” if that term exists, as I am always reading things – WordPress Blogs, labels on food containers, road signs, car signs, anything and everything.

I have itemised my books in alphabetical order and given links to find more information.  I realise many of the links go to the Amazon site, and may not be current after the time of posting this, but it was hard to find all of the books on “Good Reads” or a non-retailing database like that.

I also tried to find links to pages which show an image of the actual book edition that I have.  If you have a question about any of these books, just leave a comment, and I will give my best reply.

Of course, you can “google” or search the titles on the Internet for yourself, if you like.

The earliest surviving book that I have salvaged from my days of youth is a Hamlyn book called “Spotlight on Wild Animals” published in 1973, and given to me by my grandmother in 1974.  It is a small hardcover book of 48 pages with wonderful illustrations and a wealth of information, all about mammals.  I can’t find any pictures of it on the internet, though.

First, here are my favourites below.

A Gap in Nature

Animal Kingdom

Great Cats

Honourable Cat

Kinship with All Life

Letters to Strongheart

Marine Life

Prehistoric Life

Simple Life Forms

Strongheart – The Story of a Wonder Dog

The Illustrated Book of Animal Life

The Ultimate Cat Book

The Way of Birds

If I had to grab 3 books with me to keep, and give up the rest, I would take “A Gap in Nature”, “Kinship with All Life” and “Strongheart – The Story of a Wonder Dog.”   If  it were 2 books, they would be “A Gap in Nature” and “Strongheart – the Story of a Wonder Dog”, the reason being the first book mentioned is excellent in showcasing the poor animals that lived once upon a time, but became extinct;  and the second is probably a rare book, as well as a beautiful and unusual book about a real dog, whose story I love.

“Honorable Cat” (published 1972)  is one of the earlier cat books that I acquired, which I love, as much for its cover as for the wonderful poems within the book.

“The Way of Birds” edition that I have is from 1937, but still I am very interested in what it has to say.  (I love natural history and the history of everything really).

“The Illustrated Book of Animal Life” is very pretty and available to buy for $1 only apparently.

Regarding “Simple Life Forms” – my edition is 1976 although all the references on the WWW that I can find, refer to  a publishing date of 1980.  Also,  my wonderful copy has a picture of an amoeba on the front of it and a large round gold sticker reading “The Award Winning Joy of Knowledge – an illustrated essential information book from Mitchell Beazley”, stuck on the front cover;  AND another gold sticker with “Now £2.95”.   I can’t remember what I paid for it a long time after 1976 when I saw it at a second-hand “Op Shop”.

Here are the rest of most of my books about Animals.

Animal Wise

Chow Chows

Global Marine Biological Diversity

Guide to Sea Fishes of Australia

Life on Earth

Reptiles and Frogs of the Perth Region

Spotlight on Colorpoint Longhair and Himalayan Cats

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

The Cat by Grace Pond

The Complete Cat Book by Paddy Cutts

What Animal is That – a guide to Australian Animals

What Animals Tell Me by Monica Diedrich (scroll down the page until you get to the book title)

Wildlife for Man  (1986) – Richard Fitter  (note:  please excuse me for linking to eBay but I can’t find this wonderful book anywhere else on the Internet at this time)

Following are my very favourite novels about animals.

Algonquin – the story of a Great Dog – Dion Henderson,  1972

The Incredible Journey – Sheila Burnford

Red Dog by Louis Bernieres

I love my book “Algonquin” and it is one of the earlier books given to me, that survived my child-hood.

Regarding “The Incredible Journey” , my copy is the 1960 paperback by the Coronet publisher.   It has a different image on the front cover to the one I linked to above.   If you click on the “thumbnail” for the colourful picture, after clicking on the book title above, you will see “Film Tie-in” below the image.   My copy is the film tie-in of the book, or the book written to “tie in” or match the film exactly.  I love it!!


Red Dog

I live in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, and I almost got to meet Koko, the canine star of the movie “Red Dog”, shown above.   This almost happened because I was lucky enough to attend the Preview of the film, and after the event, someone else whom attended mentioned that Koko had been there, in the Lobby,  and she had patted him!!  I was probably crying too much anyhow, to have noticed Koko.  No, really, I didn’t see him, but of course I would have been thrilled if I had.   Oh well, at least, I was in his presence.

Life on Earth

My copy is signed by David Attenborough.  I was a student in a long line at a bookshop, eager to meet David Attenborough, in person.   When I got to him, I held out a copy of “Life on Earth”, rather than his new book at the time “The Living Planet”, published in 1984.  David was a little surprised because I was supposed to have bought his new book and get that autographed by him, haha.  However, having some tenacity or determination (to get David’s autograph) I took him another of his books that he had written, which, of course, was “Life on Earth”.  I will never forget David’s kind sparkling eyes and his warm attentive face, as I explained to him that I was a Biology graduate.  “I hope that goes well for you,” he said to me, and signed the fly-leaf of the book.   Sigh.  I love David Attenborough.

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2 thoughts on “Good Books on Animals

  1. I love books as well, and have many favorites. If I had to pick one though, I guess it would be God Had a Dog: Folklore of the Dog by Maria Leach. It was published in 1961 by Rutgers University Press, and anyone interested in all things dog should pick it up if the opportunity arises.

  2. Star Wise on said:

    Welcome to the site! Thank you for the book tip. I’ll look out for it definitely, & can’t wait to read it. We had two beautiful Chow Chows at home, and I can sometimes still feel them around me in “spirit”.

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