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Sugar – the cat that travelled1500 miles to rejoin her family

It isn’t evident today what attracted the Egyptians to cats, but they believed cats had divine qualities. The penalty for killing a cat was death. Several cat temples and graveyards have been discovered in Egypt. Today the nimble cat is often seen jumping surprising distances, but it also has an ability that isn’t as widely known. Some cats have demonstrated the aptitude to find their way back to their owners when lost or left behind.

The relationship between a human being and his/her animal companion(s) seemingly constitute a special case of conscious connection.  Thousands of recorded instances testify to the almost incredible paranormal effects which the strong emotional links between pets and their owners may have in times of grief or fear. There are numerous stories of pets separated from their owners over enormous distances and finding them again after untold hardships.

In 1951, Sugar was a cream-colored, part-Persian who was living with the Woods family in Anderson, California.  Sugar was scared of cars, and jumped out of a window of one on the way out of the city Anderson at the North end of Sacramento Valley. All attempts to track and catch Sugar proved fruitless, and the family carried on without Sugar.

Fourteen months later, in Oklahoma, a cream-colored semi-Persian cat leaped through a window of a house.  Although the woman thought the cat looked like Sugar, she had her doubts.

All doubts were ended, however, when she petted Sugar and felt the unique bone deformity that defined Sugar’s left hip.

Sugar travelled more than 1,500 miles through land even a mountain lion would find harsh…to a place she had never been….to get back to the family she loved and missed

Noted ESP researcher Dr. J.B. Rhine, formerly of Duker University, became interested in Sugar’s remarkable journey and he went to Oklahoma to observe Sugar and gather data.

Other examples of extraordinary CAT journeys follow.

  • When a doctor and his family moved from Poughkeepsie, New York, to Livermore, California, in 1959, they left their cat, Sparky, behind. Nine months later Sparky turned  up in Livermore.
  • Smokey, a three-year-old Persian cat, was traveling with his owners from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to their new home in Memphis.  but was lost in the outskirts of Tulsa. At a rest stop 18 miles from Tulsa, a cat with a distinctive tuft of dark red fur under his chin appeared and convinced the owners that he was their Smoky.
Read more here.


THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY – not a true story

Sheila Burnford was born in Scotland in 1918 and emigrated to Canada in the 1950s. When her children were young the family had three animals that were loved and treated as part of the family. This prompted her to write a book about the loyalty of family pets and so appeared The Incredible Journey, published in 1961.

In 1963, when Disney made a movie of the book, it gained worldwide recognition. The black and white Calgary Ltd movie is now considered a classic, combining stunning shots of the Canadian landscape with a heart rending tale of the love and dedication of the animals. It is an adventure story that is popular with both children and adults today.

In 1993, Disney made a remake of the movie called Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. The film changes the story in some ways but retains the heart warming qualities of the original.

The 1963 movie portrayed Tao, a male Siamese cat, Bodger a bull terrier, and Luath, a Golden Retriever. Tao was played by a Siamese cat called Syn.

Syn also starred as a cat called DC (Darn Cat) in That Darn Cat! released in 1965, starring Hayley Mills and Dean Jones.

In 1993 the animals characters were replaced by Sassy, a fluffy female Himalayan cat (played by Tiki), Chance the Bull-dog (played by Rattler), and Shadow the Golden Retreiver (played by Ben).

As at this moment, I can’t find the names of the actors that played Bodger and Luath in the 1963 movie.

I can vouch for the ESP sense of our own cat, Shandy (see Add your Animal Friend – page 1 for photos).   He knows when I am feeling out of sorts and depressed, and keeps a close eye on me at those times.  Also, he has known when I have had pains in my chest and has walked right up to me and cuddled up to me at such times, to give me comfort and healing energy !!   I believe that cats (and other animal companions) really can have a close connection to their human friends.

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2 thoughts on “Sugar – the cat that travelled1500 miles to rejoin her family

  1. The little girl that had Sugar for a pet, was my first little friend, Rita Gayle Woods. They lived in my grandmother’s farmhouse house, across the field from our house. Her dad, Stacy, was a elementary school teacher and played a lot of checkers in the evenings with my father, who was a dairy farmer. My mother and hers, Ellen, spent many afternoons over the kitchen table visiting and swaping recipies. Our parents played a lot of Pinnacle, and I can still hear their laughter. Our mom’s after much begging, let Rita Gayle and me get a kitten from the same litter, and decided their names should be Sugar and Spice. We were in the second grade together, and played house…she was always Mrs. Tilden, and I was Mrs. Newman.
    My little sister was given the middle name of Ellen, after Rita’s mother, who my mother treasured as a best friend.
    They moved to Shattuck, Oklahoma, somewhere around the third grade, and she sent me a wonderful photo of her on a white horse. I still miss her to this day. She is a precious memory. Our kittens were a blonde-beige color…really cute. I am pretty sure there are animals in Heaven, and when we meet again, I bet Sugar and Spice will be there too.
    Susan Spann St.Charles
    P.O. Box 160905
    Nashville, TN 37216

  2. Susan, how absolutely wonderful of you for dropping by and sharing your personal connection with Sugar. I loved reading your comment. I agree that our animal companions go to Heaven and can even say that one cat that I knew once came back in Spirit form & visited me after she had passed away, so I know we are more than just physical forms. Yes, we have precious memories and at least our “dreaming” and imagination can make us closer, and who knows, how many “Lives” we and those we are fond of, share together?

    Thank you for your comment. I tried to find more about the story of Sugar. I don’t know if you know whether Sugar the cat jumped out of the car window on the family’s way to their new home, or was Sugar left behind? I have heard the 2 different versions of the story. Did your friend Rita Woods tell you about Sugar’s return? What happened to Spice?

    You don’t have to answer of course if you don’t want.

    What sweet names you both gave your cat friends. I would love to have a photo or even a sketch of Sugar to post here, or even a photo of your kitty Spice. Anyhow I am truly thrilled and honoured that you have visited this Blog and added your memories & personal touch here.

    Your feedback about “Sugar” is a reward well worth all the effort I have put into raising awareness and love of our animal friends!

    Namaste, Celine (“Star Wise”)

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