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Monty’s Mothers Day Gifts


Monty cat is a special little boy born with chromosome abnormalities and adopted from an animal shelter when he was three years old. He is very gentle and he is not afraid of anyone or anything he just loves attention. By raising attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic, Monty has now become an ambassador for animals and humans world wide who may not look perfect in everyone’s eyes.

Head over to Monty’s Facebook Page for his story and the sweetest photos and videos that will make your day.


Here’s the Link to the Monty website:   http://www.montyboy.net


MONTY BOY –  facebook.com/MontyBoyCat

Last but of course not least, is of course the Link to Jewellery and Gifts endorsed by Monty, for Mothers every day  –   there is never NOT a Day to give your Mum ( and that can be a mother of kitties too )  a gift, especially a Gift that keeps on GIVING.   Monty’s gifts go toward saving abandoned animals.   How nice is that?

Monty’s Jewellery & Paw-some Stuff

I have the Monty Ultimate Fan Pack and I love LOVE it – the Pawsome Calendar has no days in it, so you can use it  FUR-EVER  –   I just remember for each month what the day is for the first day of the week in each month, easy peasy.  It has stickers, cards and a charm for one’s handbag.

Monty is  MAGIC.   Thank you to Monty’s Mum and Dad for treating sweet little Monty like the Prince that he is, and thank you to  MONTY  for being so PAW-SOME.

Cool Text - PAW-SOME 181621197347303


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