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Cat-man-Do Furs-Day – No. 2 – The Furminator


a new column by Shandy cat

Dad uses a thing called a Furminator on me now and then.  I like it but only in small doses. The FURminator is a deShedding tool or grooming tool that reduces shedding and removes excess hair from cats and dogs.  Apparently the FURminator deShedding tool was developed by professional groomer Angie Porter.  It has an ergonomic handle and a patented stainless steel blade.

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Foster & Adoptive parents of Fur-babies

Here is a story of a wonderful woman Nikki who takes in kittens and cares for them until they are well enough to go to adoptive homes.  The video is on Facebook, sorry if you can’t or don’t want to log into FB but this is the only way that I can provide the link to the audio-visual of this amazing story.  Such is sometimes the nature of the internet world !!



The story is about 3 little kittens who were abandoned in freezing temperatures but Nikki was alerted to them.  One of the fur-babies nearly succumbed but Nikki tube fed this baby and she (named Bagel) pulled through.   Nikki gives up all kittens to new homes and gives them temporary names so even though these kittens may have been named after foods, of course, those names don’t have to be used by their new carers.

I’m happy to say that all 3 kittens became healthy and were all taken up by good homes.  Nikki has pictures on Instagram (another social media thing that you have to sign up for in order to view the photos).   Nikki’s Instagram page is below.

My Foster Kittens

Our beautiful boy Shandy cat was adopted by us on 1 January 2000 !   A memorable occasion as this sweet boy was a bond between my partner and I and helped us with responsibilities while giving us enjoyment and contentment.  Sadly Shandy passed away in February 2016 after being with us for 16 years, but as one of his adoptive parents I will always miss him.  He has his own Featured Page on this blog, and you can read about his wonderful adventures on several blog posts too, links below.

Our Animal Friends – Shandy

Blog posts about Shandy cat

A Tribute to Shandy Cat


Goodbye to an awesome wise being, our cat friend Shandy.   Shandy our sweeeeet little beautiful furry friend passed away on Wednesday 24 February 2016 at 2.33 pm our time.

Esan & I will miss him and after some time, my grief will heal and his Spirit will carry me on.   Shandy lived with us for 16 years since he was a baby, a gift from Heaven, our Millennium cat whom kept Esan and I together, and taught us responsibility.

His Earthly “tour of duty” is over, but I like to think of him now in Heaven and I told him that I will meet him again one day.   His body just packed up internally and there wasn’t alot that could be done for him to make him comfortable and happy and little chance of a full recovery.  He knew he was ill so we said our Goodbyes.  I played him some music from Lia Scallon’s CD “A Song for the Animals” at our local Veterinarian and that helped.  He went peacefully and we buried him in his garden.

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Shandy’s Breakfast

Well, I have discontinued the monthly “Cat-man-do” columns updating readers about Shandy cat, because it seemed that nobody except my friend Billy in the U.S.A. ever read them.  In posting them, anyway, it was as much a strategy for me as it was for our cat.  I read somewhere that if you are busy, as I am, running multiple blogs & sites, working, helping others, and writing a book, that it can be a good idea to write & post a regular post on one’s Blog, so I thought what better subject than to blog regularly about than one of my best buddies, Shandy?

So, no more  cat-man-do  posts unless there is a popular demand for their return (and Shandy & I have the time and energy to post them), and instead a random blog post about Shandy cat.  In between posting about my cat friend, I will post here on Fascinating Animals, what I like, when I feel inclined to do so.  So, there you have it.

Shandy catThis photo was taken on 7 January 2014

In this photo Shandy is looking a little solemn and sleepy, perhaps due to the run of hot weather we are having here Down Under, and the fact that he has a fur coat.

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Cat-Man Do Furs-Day No. 5 – War of the Catzz


a new column by Shandy cat

Cats fight because it is in their nature to defend their territory, even if they do get spoiled by their human companions and fed rather than having to catch their own food.  The fact is that cats, domesticated or wild, are territorial.  I wanted to write about my “Wars” before but Mum said that it was not a nice subject to write about.  However, she has now relented with the last war of the catzz that I have been in.  As I have been so tired lately, Mum suggested that she paste into this Column an advice she wrote to one of her good friends about it. Here is an abridged version below.

One of the pictures in the rotating banner on this website is of me.  I am the cute and beautiful “shandy” coloured cat asleep.  I am glad that Mum & Dad took me in when I was abandoned at 4 weeks old on New Year’s Eve 2000.   See   THIS   post for more photos of me, if you like, and don’t forget to contact Mum if you would like your beloved animal companion featured on this Site too !!
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Cat-man Do Furs-Day – No. 4 – a Good Scratch & a good Bed


a new column by Shandy cat

Well, I had most of this post ready for the last Thursday in JUNE, yes June 2013, but Mum forgot to post it back then.  Now not only the last Furs-day in June has passed, but also the last Furs-day in July.   When I at last pointed this out to Mum and politely asked her if she wanted me to continue my Column, she gave a gasp and said “oh no, it’s Cat-man Do Tues-day today, what shall I do?”   She had obviously gone “cuckoo” so I advised her why not wait until the next Furs-day and then post my Post even if it was not the last Thursday of the Month.  In this case, it is the first Furs-day of August.

This confused poor Mum no end.  After some blank looks, then looks of bewilderment, Mum muttered “I suppose I can do that, and then – you can still do your regular post on 29 August or if not, then in September or something or other.”  I tell you !!     So, here it is.  Stand by please, for my monthly Furs-Day post, and blame Mum for it being very, very LATE.

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Cat-man Do Furs-Day – Number 3 Techno-cat


a new column by Shandy cat


I wish mum and dad would be so kind as to get me my own door.  They are forever letting me in and out of the house and Mum makes a fuss over it and tells me off for going outside then banging on the screen door to be let back in a minute later.  I tell you if I had my own little door then it would save everyone a lot of trouble.

The trouble is that I heard Mum telling Dad that if they ever did try to get me something to give me private access by a convenient pet door, it would have to be the type of door that I open with a magnet on a collar around my neck!!  That is totally laughable as I HATE things around my neck.  Mum and Dad tried putting ordinary Collars around my neck and were truly amazed because I managed to get every single one off.  I can be clever if I want.


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Cat-man Do Furs-Day – War of the Petzz

A regular monthly feature will start today on this blog, and appear every fourth Thursday.

The subject of the new column is –    SHANDY CAT !

My companion of thirteen years, Shandy cat, is a sweet little cat, whose story about how he came to live with us can be found on  THIS  page.

Well, I have decided to hand over the keyboard to Shandy, whom will write his own post on the last Thursday of every month, only if he can have a special treat that week.

So, here is Shandy’s first post !  Take it away, Cat-man Do.

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