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What causes Skin Rashes in Human beings?

Well, back in 2009 I wrote a pretty good article on Skin Rashes and Homo sapiens or human beings.   I’m sharing it here because human beings are of course animals from the Animal Kingdom scientifically, as far as I know.  There are other Blog Posts on this blog about PEOPLE and as my background is Biology encompassing Human Biology, Plant Biology and Animal Biology, I am sharing some educational information on this blog, related to Homo sapiens!

Fortunately for me I had uploaded my Article to SCRIBD which is an online platform which one can upload documents to and – if you pay for it – download documents.  So below is a LINK  to the Scribd page containing my article.  It also covers the immune system, antibodies and antigens.

You can probably sign up for a 30 day trial to use Scribd but you are required to provide a payment method to get your “freebie” and this means that if you don’t want them to debit your money, you have to CANCEL your subscription before the debit date.

Anyhow, at least, if any one is interested in this subject, you can (hopefully) read what I wrote directly from the Scribd site.  I don’t have a personal copy of it saved on my computer because after 2009 when I wrote it, I lost a lot of files / documents from my computer, including this article about skin rashes!!

Last but not least I am wondering if there are many people left in this World who really appreciate things and SHOW their appreciation??   For example I noted over 800 people have read my document on Scribd but not one person has “Liked it”.   Of course, it may be too technical for them, but then again maybe people just couldn’t be bothered giving others appreciation these days.

I am providing information via this Blog and from the statistics I see alot of visits on certain issues, but this blog hardly gets any feedback (hardly any Likes or positive Comments or anyone using the Contact form to show appreciation or give positive feedback).   Now of course I am running this Blog because I like to do so, and I’m not selling anything or writing these posts just to get kudos or glory.   Of course, I aren’t, or I would have stopped years ago!

However I must say that I find it sad that tacit or overt our out-right appreciation and support seems to have “gone out the window” with the rise of computer technology and the increased range of options and information available.  I wonder sometimes do people just take things for granted ??  I wonder are people so very terribly busy that they have forgotten some of the basic pleasantries of Life?


If you’re reading this on an iPad, you may see a Link “View in Scribd” at the bottom of the article.

P.S.   I copied & pasted in the Link from Scribd below and don’t know why it’s not just letting me provide the LINK / URL  –  the article is embedded below – but of course nobody can read it like that, unless they are reading the Article on a large computer monitor.   So don’t yell at me saying I haven’t done it right, because at least I am sharing information, and trying my best.   Just ignore the embedded article if you can’t read it, and have some patience and view the document in Scribd, as instructed above.  Thank you.



On Hiatus for A While

Hi, I may not be blogging for a while because I am due to go into hospital soon for surgery.

Appreciate everything and show your appreciation to others, because we are all inter-connected, and a little appreciation or feedback goes a long way.  Please keep me in your thoughts for a very successful stay in hospital and for a smooth and speedy recovery.  Maybe sometime in the “future” I’ll blog about what is happening with me now – seeing as this Blog includes Homo sapiens or Human beings !!

Remember, what you do with your time on Earth is what counts, not how much money or material wealth you have, or how popular or famous you are. Think of yourself as a drop in the ocean, whereby a pebble or the most subtle movement will disrupt a facet of you on one hand, and on the other hand, another may cause you to join up with another part of you or with a facet of the Universe somewhere else.

All drops are part of the one ocean and are equally special. Live your Life to the full, and like our animal friends, love deeply while you can, meet your “trials” with courage and acceptance, smile and have fun, and take good care of yourself.


I see the Divine in you


heart-kun_chihuahuaHeart-kun, puppy with a “heart”


Dental care for Humans – Part One

Dentistry is the branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, the maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures, and their impact on the human body.

Human beings are the species Homo sapiens, and they belong to the Animal Kingdom.  They are definitely not Plants, are they?   Therefore, Homo sapiens appear in this blog.  Following up on Part 2 of Bits and Bites about the structure and function of human teeth, this post is about dental care for human beings.  Dental care for your animal companions is in the form of your dog and/or cat cleaning their own teeth through chewing and using their own protective saliva, and is achieved through you the “owner” taking your animal friend to the vet if she/he (the cat or dog) needs dental treatment.  Non-human animals don’t use toothbrushes and neither do they eat sugary food or many carbohydrates, which can cause tooth decay to humans if human beings eat such and don’t exercise basic daily care of their teeth.

bucky beaver iPana
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