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Animal Telepathic Communication

Animal communication is achieved largely through telepathy. In March 2009, I participated in a two-day Workshop run by Trisha McCagh at the Perth Zoo. Basically, Trisha told us about techniques to connect with and talk to any sort of animal, and we practiced with telepathy amongst humans and animals. To talk to animals, one has to be “in the zone” and have a belief in one’s own telepathic ability or intuition. To get in the zone, one must have a still mind and be connected to universal knowledge and to the animals through the Heart centre (i.e. through a feeling of love). There are actually different levels of communication, i.e. you can communicate with animals at the personality or ego level, soul level, spiritual level or universal level.

I have to say the exercises were difficult for some of us, including me, as I am pretty much usually “left brain” or rationally oriented, but I am now doing some re-wiring (hopefully). Trisha is an amazing and very spiritual person, and if you attend one of her workshops, I am sure you will be amazed at the stories of animal communication she has. It is truly wonderful to me to know that there really are fully fledged animal communicators “out there” who respect and try to get along with literally ALL animals.

Anyhow, getting back to me practicing at the workshop, I was able to talk successfully and remotely to a beautiful white cat called Samantha, just by looking at a photo of her and tuning into her. We had to ask other people’s animal friends a few questions, like “where do you like sleeping?” and “what do you like to eat” and a question which the animal’s person (or the “owned”, also known as the owner, though I never like to call people who have animal companions “owner” nor call the animals “pets”) wanted to ask. So, for Samantha’s person, I asked Samantha, “what do you think of Jack?” while knowing that Jack was a dog. I was in the zone and I sort of heard my own voice say quite loudly and suddenly FILTHY. At this I was very surprised and said to Samantha’s person, “er … um …. Samantha thinks Jack is dirty and Jack makes her feel uncomfortable”.

Now, what I did was to censor what came to me, which is a no-no, but beginners do it because they don’t believe in themselves. After a bit of fluffing around the edges, and after Samantha’s person told me that Jack was a big dog whom was often smelly and dirty, I then solemnly told him the truth, that Samantha had actually answered FILTHY when I asked her the question. Her human companion was impressed and said it was correct from Samantha’s view-point. Since then, I have had three other verifiable successes in communication, including with my cat friend, Shandy.

Below I have listed two books on Animal Communication which I recommend for you to read if you are interested in reading about the subject. I have just finished reading the first book, the one by Marta Williams, and it has helped me a lot. I will share with you some information from the Workshop and Marta’s book, after the books listing.

Learning their Language – Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature
by Marta Williams.
Publisher: New World Library 2003
ISBN: 1-57731-243-0

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
by Amelia Kinkade
Publisher: New World Library 2005
ISBN: 9781577315063

In a nut-shell, here are the steps for Animal Communication.

1. Be in a relaxed state of present awareness – have a still mind, be happy and calm, and focused on the present.

2. Be grounded and positive – you must have self-belief and be positive about everything.

3. Open to your intuition by imagining a light from your Crown chakra (top of your head) streaming out and merging with the Universal light OR say to yourself “I am open to my intuition” and feel the connection to your Higher Self and to Universal Knowledge

4. Connect to the animal through your heart by feeling love in your heart (perhaps in the form of a beautiful flower or something) and send love to the animal (perhaps imagining it being sent on a ribbon or something connecting the two of you)

5. Talk to the animal and record what you receive, OR ask universal knowledge for the information.

Some related websites you might be interested in are listed below.

Animal Health Store

Good company in Australia from whom you may be able to order Marta and Amelia’s books from.

Trisha McCagh

Pamela Smith

Marta Williams

Amelia Kinkade

Talk2theAnimals – by Janet Roper


Since my new venture, I have been communicating 100% better with my own very special cat friend Shandy, which is absolutely wonderful for both of us!



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5 thoughts on “Talk to the Animals

  1. Wow, this is probably more than I am capable of doing. While I consider myself empathetic and caring, I just can’t wrap my mind around this, so I doubt I could do it. Not that I doubt it can happen, as I believe we only use a small portion of our minds, but for me it would be a reach. Still, God bless them all for their effort, as I do love animals.
    PS Hi Celine.

  2. I understand, Billy. I myself am not too telepathic with our animal companions, for various reasons. Yes it is possible because we are all energy and consciousness in a vast “sea” of it, and telepathy is a natural ability to communicate directly “mind to mind” between human beings or between human and non-human animal. Thanks for your comment, and hi yourself, from Celine / Star Wise

  3. Well I have never tried to communicate in this manner, but I feel animals very acutely, and it is often quite painful.

  4. ok.. i definitely connect out of love, whether it’s going out to the birds or to a beautiful tree, etc. i feel certain that they feel and accept my admiration and love and empathy, and that’s almost always enough for me.. unless they are sick, and then i wish to know their thoughts and feelings.

    i will try to connect by plan b

  5. I am practicing to communicate with animals and find it a fascinating thing. All animals seem different and all have their own characters!

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