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Add your Animal Friend

Hover your mouse over “Our Animal Friends” at the top of the screen to see pages with names of animal friends.  I don’t call them pets or us the owners.  Rather, I think that they own us!

This section is for featuring our animal companions on a page each of their own.  You will need a high quality digital photo or two and a short story/article about your friend.   I can add updates also.  I will only put your first name on your page, unless you want your full name.

If you would like your animal companion featured here, send me a message via a Comment, and I will eventually email you.  There’s no need to post your Email address in the actual comment box, because I will see it “behind the scenes” as I require that you put a legitimate email address in the Comment Form.  Only I the author of this Blog can see Email addresses submitted on Comment Forms.

Alternatively, you can use the “Contact Me” page of this Blog.  You will need to have a WordPress “account” to Comment, but NOT to use the Contact Me page.  Click on the “WordPress” tab at the top for info about WordPress.

Only I will see your Email address, and rest assured I will only use it to contact you for your Friend’s story.



where are all the Dogs ?

dog puzzled

Mitakuye Oyasin – we are all related

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