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A friend’s cat


Cute cat

Cute cat

23 April 2012

Caspian is a new member of our household, we adopted him from the Cats Protection Centre here in the UK. This is a cats rescue centre which takes in stray and unwanted cats in the local area we live. I was pleased to see when we visted the centre that the cats are well looked after, though some of the cats there had come from homes where they had been badly treated or neglected which was sad to see.

When we first met Caspian he came out of his sleeping area to greet us and raised his paw. We were originally looking to adopt an adult cat but we felt a connection with Caspian. He is an 8 months old, black and white domestic shorthair with light green eyes. His previous owners said that they were moving into a flat which did not allow pets so they had to give their cats away. The Rescue centre said that Caspian and his mother Wilma were living in a shed in the back garden and Caspian had found his way under the house and was covered in dust when they found him.Wilma had been allowed to have several litters and was more than ready to have someone to look after her now and has since been adopted too. The patch of short fur on his left front paw is from the blood tests he had when he was first given away, Caspian is luckily perfectly healthy.

We named him Caspian after the Prince from the the Chronicles of Narnia, which was one of my sister’s and my favourite books as children. He certainly likes to explore things! Caspian is a very friendly cat, he is still very lively and more of a kitten than a cat being under a year old. He loves to play, as soon as he is awake and will tap his toys to give us a hint. He has aquired quite a few cat toys but his most favourite one consists of a plastic strap with a knot in it which he likes to chase. We got him a mouse which buzzes as it moves but it seems to scare him.

We originally bought him a soft bed and placed a basket with a blanket upstairs for him too. Caspian so far won’t go near the basket and occasionally sleeps in his bed. He sleeps in various places around the house, but loves our beds and sofas as long as there is a blanket of some kind. He also loves a small bumpy cardboard box that came with somthing we ordered from the internet. We have a feeling he may have been sleeping on something similar in his old home. He does not drink alot but has taken to drinking from glasses around the house, which he manages to fit his head into. Im not sure why he thinks it tastes better out off a glass than his bowl.

Caspian follows us around the house and likes to take naps with someone in the room. Because Caspian was still with his mother when before he was given away, he isn’t used to being on his own much. We are hoping he will get more used to being by himself as it is only just over 5 weeks since we adopted him. He is settling in well and seems to have really bonded with us this past few weeks.

cute cat

From Ivan

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1st March 2013.  More pictures of Caspian !

Caspian with hat


3 thoughts on “Caspian

  1. Hi Ivan, it’ me Celine or Star Wise, the author of this site. Just stopping by to say a big “thank you” for sharing Caspian’s photos and story here. Caspian is a beautiful and wonderful animal friend and adds a great energy to this site! I am so glad that you and Caspian met, and he is in a fantastic home now.

  2. Caspian is sweet and the story about him is nice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Caspy is as sweet as ever. Give him a big hug from me, Ivan.


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